ISTA 230 Introduction to Web Design (Fall 2017)

Absolute URLs and Fragment Identifiers

Web Portals

In the early days of the web, many users would start their surfing at a 'web portal', a page which had a collection of useful/popular links. These pages eventually fell to the wayside with the introduction of search engines.


For this exercise, you will create your own web portal which will include links to a number of your favorite websites. You will start by creating five categories for your links. For each category, you will then create hyperlinks to five webpages that fall within that category. For example, if you had a 'University' category, you could have links to all of the Arizona state universities and two other universities.

In addition to the hyperlinks to the external website, the web portal should also have a rudamentary navigation section at the top of the page. Include 'fragment identifier' links that will take the user to the specific categories further down the page. Each category section should have a link at the end of the section that will allow the user to jump up to the top of the page.


Solution can be downloaded here.