ISTA 230 Introduction to Web Design (Fall 2017)

Uploading Files

As discussed in lecture, the structure of a URL can be mapped directly to the location of folders and files on a server. In this exercise, you'll be uploading files to your ISTA 230 web accounts and organizing them into folders.

All necessary files can be found here. The ZIP file contains the following:

Your task is to upload these files to your ISTA 230 web account and arrange them so that they can be viewed as a single web page. You can log in to your ISTA 230 account by visiting (being sure to replace username with your username. If you haven't yet registered for an ISTA 230 web account, you will need to do so before completing the exercise.

You do not need to edit any of the files. You simply need to upload them to your ISTA 230 web account using the following folder structure:

Once you have completed all of the above, you should be able to view the completed web page by visiting To check if you've completed all of the tasks successfully, check to see if there are six images displayed on the final web page. You should also be able to view individual images by visiting the following URLs:

Lastly, there should also be a short sound clip that plays when your webpage loads. That clip should be available at:


Solution can be downloaded here.